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Water Damage Tip: Before it Snows Clean your Gutters

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Ice Dams Can Harm Your Roof and Cause Water Damage

1. Ice Dams: Pretty but Dangerous.

Ice dams make your home look like a picture-perfect Christmas card, with their resultant icicles hanging from the rafters and reflecting the holiday lights.

In reality, ice dams can seriously harm your roof and lead to water damage. Clogged gutters are partially to blame. If water freezes in the gutter because of excessive debris blocking it from draining, it’s going to force melting snow and ice underneath the shingles and into your home, causing leaks, mold and water stains.

Also, ice dams can build up to be so heavy that they cause the gutters to tear away from the roof’s edge. Gutter cleaning proactively prevents major water damage.

2. Structural Inspections Prevent Expensive Repairs.

Part of a gutter cleaning project is to check each gutter for stability. The fasteners should be examined to make sure they are all intact. The fascia board that the gutter attaches to should be prodded to ensure there is no rot.

Inspecting the components of the rain gutter system helps you guard against water damage and address issues before they escalate.

3. Drainage System Maintenance: Make Sure Downspouts are Free of Debris.

It’s vital to clean your gutters, but it’s also important to check the downspouts and diverters. When spring comes, all the ice and snow melts and it rains more often. Make sure the downspouts are clear and the diverters are positioned correctly so that water flows away from the home’s foundation as it should.

Despite cleaning out your gutters and downspouts, ice can still build up causing a number of issues with your roof, shingles, and fascia that can lead to water damage. Because of this, it makes a lot of sense to periodically “rake” snow off your roof in the winter.

If you experience frozen pipe water damage, contact Tricore Restoration 24/7 for immediate water extraction at 715-791-0404.

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